A Letter To President Obama

The letter below was sent to Barack Obama along with a 5 x 7 greeting card entitled “Divine Intervention” by Richard Welker copyright 2012

A Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Obama,

I am one of the some sixty million people who voted to give you one last chance to stand for love, for economic justice, and for the environment. I voted not so much for you but for the hope of the world.

It would seem obvious now that a new paradigm is being birthed: one whose main question is, “Is this act loving? Is it kind, is it compassionate, does it cause pain and suffering to the other who is myself?”

I ask this of you because the base that elected you, progressives, women, Latinos, people of color, Native peoples, unions, working class, and youth, do not support drone killings, Keystone pipelines, GMO foods, endless war, reductions on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, persecution of whistleblowers, and the appeasement of the far right in favor of increased wealth redistribution to the top 1 %.

We want you to champion the desperately needed dialogue on climate change before we are extinct, as the World Bank now reports is a very real scenario. We want you to champion the saving of our environment while advocating, funding and empowering an earth-friendly economic system. We want you to bail out the people and punish the banks, not the other way around. And we want you to stop shaming our country with slavish and demeaning allegiance to Israel no matter how egregious her government’s conduct.

Above all, we want you to read the handwriting on the wall: We Are All One People. There is no other.

Our collective purpose is transformation and justice. Thus, it is not just your last chance personally, it is our collective last chance as a country to align ourselves with truth and  hope.  Either we choose love as the way to save this world or we choose politics as the way to destroy it. I pray you choose love.


Richard Welker / PO Box 31704 / Santa Fe, NM  87594