Aboriginal Healing: The Blessing at Doubtful Creek

Aboriginal Healing 600x600

The painting above is entitled “Aboriginal Healing: The Blessing at Doubtful Creek.” Copyright 2013 by Richard Welker, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

It should rightfully be called “Githabul Healing” in that the word aboriginal is a European designation that does not honor the way native Australians refer to themselves.


This painting was inspired by Ydo and Jarmbi of the Githabul nation and all of the protectors at Doubtful Creek, near Casino in the Australian state of New South Wales. Doubtful Creek is the site of a fracking pad located directly in the heart of the ancient land of the Githabul people. This land is now shared by many European Australians who have transformed much of this place into some of the most beautiful and rich farmland in Australia. This fracking for natural gas, all to be sent to China, is sanctioned by the state, and now threatens an entire community; their water supply and air, the food supply, their sanity, their way of life and 40,000 years of aboriginal harmony with nature.


The painting signifies to me the profound meeting of the light skinned and the dark skinned as One. It is an acknowledgment that the fate of the one IS the fate of the other. It represents a healing and a humbling of the European/Anglo assumption of innate superiority prevalent around the world that is destroying the very fabric of nature and threatening all sentient lifeforms on earth.