This site is dedicated to the transformational power of healing images, mandalas, visionary art, and sacred geometry. Its purpose is to help remind us of the soul’s magnificence and our own divine identity as love.

These pages acknowledge those who have experienced a Spiritual Emergency: an initiation, ordeal,  breakdown, a profound loss of identity or a  rapid, sudden, overwhelming and disorienting state of psychological transformation whose trajectory leads to healing and a more expanded awareness of the unity of all life.

This site is also for those who have been “unhinged” from conventional reality or “repositioned” outside the tiny box of our cultural conditioning and who long for encouragement. It is for those who believe that feeling and intuition are equal to reason and logic and who want a sign that there may be a divine loving order behind the chaos. It is for those who believe we are loved and cherished by our Divine Parents, that our original nature is noble and filled with light and that we have a purpose for being here now on planet earth.

It is for those who, knowing or not, are on a hero’s journey through their personal and the collective underworld; a profound transformation leading Home bearing hidden or emerging gifts for a world desperately in need of renewal.

In these pages you will find a gallery of images, commentary, articles, links, and my own story. They are all reflections of the visionary experience; Spiritual Emergency, the Dark Night of the Soul, paradigm shift, global mind change, mandalas as  metaphors for the SELF and of course, healing images and art.

Thank you for visiting.

Richard Welker    September 11, 2012     Santa Fe, NM