Phoenix Rising

These pages are dedicated first to my wife, Nancy London, whose unwavering support and belief in me and my art has made this presentation possible. 

Secondly, the content herein is dedicated to all those seeking to usher in a new paradigm, a new collective belief system, that is based on the perception that everything is interconnected, holistic and that consciousness is indeed beyond the brain. For me there is no question about the transformational power of healing images, mandalas, visionary art, and sacred geometry. Indeed,  the highest purpose of art is to remind us of our soul’s magnificence and our own divine identity as love.

It is also for those who have experienced a spiritual ordeal, an initiation, a breakdown, a profound loss of identity or a rapid, sudden, overwhelming and disorienting state of psychological transformation. It is my experience that such experiences have a trajectory that leads towards healing and a more expanded awareness of the unity of all life.

This site is for those, who,  like myself, have been “unhinged” from conventional reality and repositioned outside the tiny box of our cultural conditioning. It is for those who may long for encouragement or “evidence” that there is a divine loving intelligence behind the chaos, that we all belong to a great and noble order, and that we are loved and cherished by our Divine Parents. It is for those who knowing or not, are on a hero’s journey through their personal and the collective underworld; a profound transformation leading “Home” bearing hidden or emerging gifts for a world desperately in need of renewal.

Richard Welker

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

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