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Welcome to Richard Welker Art

Welcome to Richard Welker Art. This site features original images painted in watercolor and acrylic, both on paper and canvas. The images are essentially one painting, all exploring the meta-theme of our spiritual connection to a divine intelligence. Each of the paintings represents one small facet of the grand mandala of life. They are my attempts to shine a light into an unseen and often marginalized spiritual world using themes like transformation, death and rebirth, initiation, spiritual ordeal and crisis, visionary seeing, the evolution of the soul, the collective trajectory of the species, interconnection, the order behind the chaos and above all, love, the prime force of the universe.

All of the images are available as canvas or matted giclees and greeting cards. A limited number are available as wearable art T-shirts. Please click on the appropriate buttons above to view these offerings.

Additionally, I send out periodic newsletters to those who have signed up on my mailing list. These posts and newsletters feature the latest paintings and commentary as well as various offers and announcements. I invite you to sign up for my newsletters as I post them.

This site reflects my own personal evolution as an artist who came, almost by accident, to this vocation late in life, certainly through the vehicle of  a spiritual emergency.

As time has passed, each painting has offered up yet another glimpse of my own spiritual dimensions while finding new ways to express our fundamental interconnection and the Mayan truth that “I am another yourself.” Once this sacred ground, this web of life is perceived, it renders obsolete all models of violence, greed and domination over others.

The purpose of art, in its highest sense, is to offer a renewed way of seeing the world. The artist attempts to journey beyond appearances, peer behind illusions and travel in a sacred manner in order to receive the gift of inspiration and creativity from a Source beyond his or her limited identity. Art in this sense transcends convention, the constrained boxes we live in. It serves to answer the fundamental questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What is our relationship to the cosmos?

During times of crisis, tyranny, decay, corruption, nihilism, relativism and fundamentalism of all kinds, when art itself is co-opted as mere commodity, the job of the artist is to rekindle his or her relationship to divine spirit, to temporarily lose his limited identity for an expanded one and to allow to emerge through him or her, re-energized images, songs, dances and words that re-awaken our sleeping memories of a divine spirit within each of us and our rightful destiny path as a co-creator of  immanent life on earth.

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