Bald Eagle Medicine

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Bald Eagle Medicine © 2021 16 x 24 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Original and giclees are available upon request. "The power of Bald Eagle medicine can be used positively, as in seizing an opportunity, or negatively, such as stealing the fruits of another’s labor. Because it has the ability to soar effortlessly above the clouds to avoid turbulent weather or harassing crows, Eagle teaches us the wisdom of saving energy by rising above problematic situations to adopt overview and gain perspective. This is also called “witnessing.” Bald eagle possesses extraordinarily keen eyesight and a super-wide field of vision. It can spot prey from miles away and then, rapidly descend to capture it in its powerful talons. This reminds us that perseverance is required to remain steady until the right time presents itself before we commit to actions that have consequences. Bald eagles mate for life, sharing the responsibility for nest building and raising the young cooperatively, modeling the importance of fidelity and enduring parental guidance for the future success and survival of our progeny. In Amazonian prophecy Eagle represented the northern path: the path of the masculine, the rational mind and the mechanical paradigm. This contrasted with the path of the south, represented by the Condor, the heart, intuition and the feminine. At this time of change and transformation there is once again the opportunity for the skies to be shared by both ushering in a new age of peace and vision for humanity."