Broken Arrow

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Broken Arrow © 2022 16 x 24 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Original and giclees available upon request. "There are times when the intractable ordeals in life appear to be in a state of collapse or deconstruction. These periods may include challenges to our health, our identity, our relationships, our security or our dreams. During such times our inner defenses naturally begin to break down. We stop resisting what is and refrain from brandishing our defensive weapons at every little thing. The breaking of the arrows mean that we no longer choose to use them to harm others or ourselves. In the process we begin to notice how all life is a part of a great unity as represented by the animal and bird tracks. The symbol of the healing hand suggests that humans have a powerful mediating role in the healing of nature. The mandala is the circle of life. Even in times of breakdown and brokenness, we remain fundamentally whole, beautiful and interconnected."