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"Paleface" © 2019 20 x 28 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Price available upon request. “Paleface” symbolizes the death of the white man who has exploited nature, proclaimed himself superior to all races, glorified the hyper-masculine and eviscerated his connection to feeling and the sacred Feminine. Now his time is over. Paleface is wrapped like a mummy in a powerful death-rebirth metamorphosis that will transform him into a new form not yet manifest. His heart is ringed with fire and contains a black panther, a shamanic symbol of the sacred feminine, the ability to journey to altered states, and the faculty of moving powerfully in darkness. The stomach paw print points to awareness of one’s footprint and having the guts to follow instinct, feeling and subjectivity. A white mask marked with lightning bolts, an antennae-like headdress and the radiating colors of the body suggest that behind appearances the ancient shamanic archetype of the great White Brother stirs with new life. The White Brother emerges from the death of Paleface as he resumes his abandoned destiny path. He returns openhanded, bringing awareness of the unity of all life and reverence for women. His revival signals a new contract with Gaia that includes using the gift of fire not just for technology but to ignite love and relationship, rekindle the earth’s regenerative powers and illuminate the ways of the sacred animal powers.