Dark Sun

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Dark Sun © 2022 24 x 30 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Original & Giclees available upon request. "Dark Sun refers to the I Ching hexagram, “The Darkening of the Light.” Metaphorically, the sun has sunk into the earth so that its attributes of dazzling beauty, radiant warmth and brilliant light become subdued and hidden. Dark Sun corresponds to those times when our external reality is shaped by tyrants, oligarchs and “the lords of darkness” or when our consciousness within us is held hostage by unresolved traumas, negative beliefs, and deeply unconscious imprints. During such a time, all our attempts to force the issue to conform to our expectations, to soar above all the obstacles binding us will likely be met with great adversity, pushback, hostility and even injury. We are therefore impelled to veil our light, and yet, paradoxically, still shine. We inwardly persevere in the face of adversity but remain outwardly yielding, cautious and reserved. We hold to the conviction of our inner light that we are not being punished but instead, guided, despite all appearances to the contrary. In the end, when the time is right, our inner light, once jeopardized, remains un-extinguished but like the sun will rise once again."