Welcome To Mother Earth

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Welcome to Mother Earth ©2022 16 x 24 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. Original and Giclee available upon request. "Imagine your soul has incarnated on Planet Earth not a moment too soon, when your gift to the world is most sorely needed. As you step into the birth portal to assume residency, an aboriginal guardian spirit greets you, arms open wide in welcome. Wordlessly, he bestows upon you a benediction of encouragement that will carry you for the duration of your life. “Welcome to Mother Earth! May you treasure with reverence the life giving water cycles of rain, clouds, and lightning, without which, no spirit can survive embodied. May you embrace the transformative journey into the labyrinth of consciousness, walking the inner road of wisdom while foregoing the outer road of manipulation so that your presence assists in restoring the ancient purpose of your species. May you use the two arrows above, one for the protection of the Great Mother upon whose body you are dependent and the other for penetration into your own psyche that left unattended, is the source of all misery. May you be blessed with the vision of Crow, who ferries between heaven and earth the awareness and intelligence of the Sacred Intention carried in the heart of all things. Finally, may you always remain embodied in your earth-given wildness, represented by Coyote, whose trickster ways dispel the delusion that you are endowed superior to all other life-forms. May Coyote’s howl keep your spirit nimble, alert and humble, enabling you to receive the great joy Mother Earth yearns to bestow upon you.“