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Gaia © 2021 16 x 24 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Original and giclees available upon request. "Gaia is the living conscious spirit of Earth, the primordial ancestral Mother, who guides the evolution of all species and nourishes all regenerative earth processes including climate and biofeedback loops. Gaia is the embodiment of interconnection and wholeness. No matter how chaotic and increasingly ferocious things become, Gaia remains stable. The four quadrants of the Gaia mandala represent land, water, mega-life and micro-life. Surrounding and interpenetrating all are molecules of air. The inner core of Gaia’s stability, strength and balance is symbolized by the three legs of the triangle. At each corner is red hot fire, the volcanic symbol of the force that drives extinction, death and rebirth. Not a moment too soon are we finally re-awakening to her holy presence and power, flooded with deep awe, profound respect and worship."