Heart Fire

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Heart Fire © 2021 16 x 24 inches. Acrylic on canvas. Original and giclees available upon request. " From the deepest center of our being burns the eternal flame of love. Independent of recognition, accolades, or material success, it is the source of all joy. Heart-fire is the heat of our passion, the brilliance of our purpose, the beacon that guides us again and again to the path of our soul’s trajectory. Heart-fire is our light in the darkest night, the furnace that warms when the world turns cold. It is the glow that draws us to lovers, family and friends, the radiance of compassion for others. It is the blaze of praise we feel when experiencing the world as alive and conscious. Heart-fire is the courage to break ties that bind, to challenge denial of the right to thrive, to create passages and possibilities where none exists, to heal ourselves of trauma and despair. It is the salvation we pray for, the divine forgiveness that consumes karma and renews our certainty that we belong to each other and to the universe. Heart-fire is the un-extinguishable spark of God in the core of everything."