Jaguar Medicine © 2018

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Acrylic on canvas. 30 x 24 inches. Price available on inquiry. "Jaguar medicine symbolizes power, the ability to express and follow our own star. Jaguar hunts alone which means inner containment. Jaguar represents the inner strength to endure crisis, to transform danger into opportunity, to see without denial, and to embody the light of truth during times of darkness. Jaguar does not succumb to pressure to conform. Jaguar’s name is derived from the word yaguar which means, “He who kills with one leap,” symbolizing sudden unexpected action with profound results. Jaguar has the largest eyes of all the cats and can stalk silently, even in water. Its jaws are more powerful than a lion’s, and can bite through thick obstacles. Jaguar is at home both in the water and on land, symbolizing the ability to remain grounded and practical while swimming in the waters of emotion. Jaguar lives in the rainforests of Southern and Central America and Mexico and is now auspiciously returning to its habitat in the mountains of southern Arizona. Jaguar is a spirit animal, a guide to visionary states of non-ordinary reality. Jaguar’s medicine helps support those who are ready to come out of hiding and contribute their gifts to help re-envision their communities who have great need of renewal and reintegration."