Moose Dreaming

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"Moose Dreaming" © 2019. 16 x 20 inches acrylic on canvas. Price available on request. "The female moose represents the creative force within us we cannot escape or push away. The harder we resist, the more insistently she pushes back. The curved white lines rippling outward beneath her mouth are the trumpeting sounds of Moose calling us to awaken to our fate, the situation in which we find ourselves. The shamanic tapestry below her symbolizes the sacred ground of life that is the foundation of a habitable earth. On both sides of Moose are symbols for water, feeling and emotion, all sources of great power. The detached antlers of fire represent a vital connection and engagement with Spirit. Moose urges us to love ourselves, own our feelings, relinquish our projections, acknowledge our interconnectivity and establish our spiritual connection to Source if we are to survive the collective ordeal now upon us."