Stitching a Broken Heart

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Stitching A Broken Heart © 2020 16 x 20 inches. Giclees available upon request. "Some wounds to the heart seem too deep to heal. These are the wounds of regret, self-blame, guilt, shame or despair, imprints of pain, grief, sorrow, loss and broken dreams impossible to comfort or pacify. A broken heart resists being lectured, reasoned with or often, even bathed with Light. And while one cannot make the wounds disappear, we can, with infinite tenderness and acceptance, begin to mend again that which is broken with the power of imagination. Like a divine seamstress, we call upon the presence of our inner guides and spiritual friends who, with infinite loving kindness, return to us the discarded and forgotten pieces of our fractured love. With those pieces we stitch together again our broken heart, one stronger than before, wiser and filled with more beauty and compassion than ever before. "