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"Sunset" © 2019 18 x 24 inches. Acrylic on Canvas. Price available on request. “Sunset” was created during a period of impending crisis, of profound uncertainty and trepidation about the fate of the world and all things in it. It contains feelings of shock and shame as our species begins to grasp how badly and cruelly we have treated our own earth mother. It embraces the feelings of grief and loss that arise upon seeing our wanton dismissal and lack of respect for the earth’s majesty, bounty, love and intelligence. " 'Sunset”'represents the twilight of our arrogant assumption that our species reigns supreme and heralds the humbling realization that we are now faced with our own extinction. The nighttime that inevitably follows suggests the regret we feel upon recognizing how we have squandered the opportunity to manifest our own sacred purpose. But just as day follows night, 'Sunset' suggests the possibility of regeneration and an expanded awareness of the unity of all life. Perhaps in facing our own death can our species finally overcome its own egotism and become co-creators with an intelligent living earth connected to the stars."