Journey to the Spirit Realm

There are nights when I awaken at 3:00 am full of anxiety and concern about what is happening to us. Can we even survive the ordeal we are engaged in and what we should do?

A few nights ago, after lying in bed wide awake and barely breathing, I felt a strong urge to get up and do a personal journey to the spiritual realms in order to get some help on this very question: “What can I do to make a difference, given the immensity of the task in front of us with runaway climate change, species extinction and the rise of fascism?”

The Message

The message I got was a bit surprising. It wasn’t like, “Support Elizabeth Warren for President” or “Champion the Green New Deal,” however good these things are.  Instead, it was much more personal. What I heard was very like the following:

“Forgive yourself for what you have created. Because what you have created has been a product of the judgments, convictions,  and misunderstandings you have held about yourself. 


  • We are  sinners…
  • We are being punished, cursed to wander the earth homeless forever for the sin of having eaten the fruit of the tree of knowledge …
  • We can never have enough, do enough or be enough…
  • We need saving from the fires of hell by intermediaries and religious authorities who dispense  salvation and permission to act out our shadows in exchange for loyalty to a sect or a creed…
  • God is a supreme hyper-masculine alpha-dog in the sky obsessed with obedience, damnation, retribution, vengeance, power, punishment, and domination of women…
  • God has pre-chosen some to be superior, to have dominion over the earth, to amass wealth and power as proof of being God’s elect who can do no wrong…
  • We are trapped with no way out…
  • Evil always wins…

 These imprints and many more, are all lies that have gotten us into the mess we now face.

Forgive Yourself

Therefore, stop treating yourself so harshly. Remember that everything happening right now is not a punishment for sin but a blessing. It’s an initiation into a new state of consciousness that sees yourself welcomed home like a prodigal son and daughter of divine loving parents. It is a pivot from depravity to divinity, an awareness of yourself as an essential keystone species whose purpose and destiny path is to co-create and regenerate heaven on earth with the divine intelligence as guide.

Forgive yourself for the ways in which you have mistreated and abused nature. Embrace trees, touch plants and say, ‘I am another yourself. I am sorry for what I’ve done in my ignorance. Please forgive me. I know you feel and I will stop hurting you.’

Everything will begin to change when you truly start to love yourself and stop treating yourself like a prisoner in a cell with brutal guards jeering, mocking and raking batons over the bars. It’s this abusive way of talking to yourself that fuels the evil overwhelming you. Yes, you can act, sure, but if what you bring to the party hides your own self-loathing then actions will be diluted or even futile.


This is all about a grand initiation. We need to view this chaos and cultural pathology from our visionary imagination and see it as a kind of species- wide spiritual emergency, a rapid chaotic psycho-spiritual transformation with a trajectory towards healing and an expanded awareness of the unity of all life. This is an existential healing crisis with the power to renew our identity as divine beings in a physical world.  It is a fundamental re-imagination of who we are, why we are here and what our relationship to the cosmos actually is.  The real news is that climate change, species extinction and the rise of fascism are the stressors that create the intensity, the urgency and power needed for us to make a hyper- leap in consciousness towards a new identity never before seen on earth. And we have to make it all together.

This is the task now: to forgive ourselves, to release our judgments, to stop being so harsh with ourselves, to embrace nature as ourselves, to treat this chaos as a healing crisis and to accept all of it as an initiation into a completely new vision of ourselves as a species. This is what we need to communicate, first to ourselves and then to others. It’s that simple.

Thank you.” 

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  1. Thank you , Richard. I hoped your discoveries helped calm your mind and soul.

  2. Wow, Richard. These words sound like the channeled messages from Paul Selig’s books (I Am the Word, The Book of Freedom, The Book of Truth, etc.). He has 6 out now, and number 7 is on the way… just wanted to share with you :). Thank you for your words!

  3. Yes, simple, but not easy!
    I appreciate your words – they echo my own feelings and offer action to take. Thanks for that.
    Will you say more of the symbolism in your painting?

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